Forget about opening a local Beauty Supply Store to sell black hair products……..That’s old school.  Every year, black women are buying more and more black hair products (Such as wigs, weaves and extensions etc) ONLINE!  However; black hair salons are not capitalizing on this amazing income opportunity.  The phenomenal success of the internet, along with the acceptance and confidence in online eCommerce, means that a lot more ‘women of colour’ are whipping out their credit cards, and shopping online, from the comfort of their homes.  In fact, if you really want to know how fast, far reaching and explosive black consumer spending is ONLINE, then I urge you to read this article here.

Did you know that although African Americans only make up 14% of the population, black women account for 85% of ALL hair related product sales in the USA?  However; Although we are the number ONE consumers of hair products, we earn very, very little economically from the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS we single handedly generate!  Instead we have allowed others to reap the multi billions of dollars we are responsible for generating every year.  When we stand idly by and allow this to happen, we not only fail ourselves, but we are FAILING ALL OUR CHILDREN TO.  Why should our kids and families struggle in inner city slums, whilst others prosper off products where we DICTATE AND CONSUME 85% OF THE MARKET???

No more standing by WHILE OTHERS MAKE BILLIONS OUT OF OUR BLACK HAIR INDUSTRY……..This is all about to CHANGE!  The good news is that by partnering with our Company “Ebony Curls” (In conjunction with our parent Company “Mass Media Marketing), any black hair salon can now launch their own online store selling black hair products, and can do so for a fraction of the price that it cost you to launch an offline, local, black hair salon.  Launching your very own online store with “Ebony Curls”, means you can launch quicker, with a bigger product catalog and it’s so much cheaper to launch your online black hair products store via our unique “Ebony Curls” business opportunity and digital platform.  Want to see how massive our black hair industry really is???

Your hair salon NEEDS TO BE SELLING BLACK HAIR PRODUCTS ONLINE, and I don’t mean just a handful of items.  You need to give your customers access to THOUSANDS OF GOODS.  Why do you think the Korean community open Beauty Supply Stores selling black hair products, as opposed to opening Hair Salons?  BECAUSE IT’S MUCH LESS WORK FOR MUCH BIGGER PROFITS!  And guess what?  This amazing $2.5 billion industry is forecast to grow 4 times bigger by 2023.  Yes, selling black hair is set to become A TEN BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY by 2023.  So the time to enter this business IS NOW!

Having a website that simply provides information about your hair salon business is not good enough.  What you need is an E-COMMERCE WEBSITE that generates SALES and income for you 24/7/365.  You need an online store that compliments your hair salon business and is generating revenue for you even while you sleep or you’re on vacation.  That’s what we offer at ” Ebony Curls” and “Mass Media Marketing”.

Let’s say you open a black hair salon in New York, Chicago, Florida (Or it could be in any city or in any state in the USA for that matter).  To launch that hair salon will cost you around $20,000, $30,000 or even much, much more.  It’s going to take you several years, just to recoup your $20,000 to $30,000 initial investment.  For a very small salon, your rent + overheads will cost you at least $5,000 per month.   So your hair salon is going to need to generate at least $5,000 per month in sales, just to break even.  Whilst running a Hair Salon is great, the real BIG money is being made selling hair products online!


We can create you an online, “Ebony Curls”, black hair products store, stocked with THOUSANDS of quality wigs, weaves and extensions for only $297!  Your only other costs thereafter would be $97 per month.  Think of this $97 as the thousands of dollars you currently pay in monthly rent, other overheads AND wages for ALL your staff!  Let me repeat that again……..Think of this $97 as the THOUSANDS of dollars you’re currently paying in monthly rent, other overheads AND wages for ALL your staff”!   For the first time in the history of our black hair industry, their is no longer any political, technical, nor FINANCIAL barrier preventing any ‘person of colour’ entering and competing in this business.  


The reason we are able offer such an unbelievable opportunity, is because we have built an amazing digital tech team, that can work  with hundreds (Or even thousands) of salons across the USA, via ONE unique digital platform, over the internet.  Our team will pull, pack and ship all your orders as they come in online.  We also handle all customer support via email, support ticket or phone.  You’ll earn 20% commissions on all store sales.  That’s DOUBLE the maximum 10% commission that Amazon (The world’s biggest online retailer) pays their top Affiliate Partners. 

So where your small, local hair salon has to generate at least $5,000 per month, to cover your monthly rent and overheads, you only need to generate $500 in monthly sales via your online hair products store, to cover your $97 a month subscription.  Yes, for every $500 in hair product sales, you’ll earn $100 (That’s based on 20% commission).  So after your first $500 worth of sales each month, IT’S ALL PROFIT FOR YOU THEREAFTER.  Think it’s hard to generate $500 in monthly sales?  Well you better believe me when I tell you that there are black hair product stores, online, that do $10,000, $25,0000 and even $50,000 in sales (And much more) per month…….EVERY SINGLE MONTH! 




Your store will have a unique web address (Using your hair salon name), on our main domain.  Your store will include your business logo and it will be a replica of this store (The word “shop” will be replaced with your salon name).  Where your offline hair salon caters mainly to customers local to your business, your online hair products store will cater and ship products to customers ALL OVER THE USA!

Checkout the incentives we have built into your online store to help increase your monthly sales………

All you have to concentrate on is marketing your online hair products store.  You can do this by printing flyers to hand out in your salon or local area.  You can you use free social media marketing methods to promote your online store.  For even faster results, you can use paid social media advertising strategies to promote your online hair products store.  We will provide you with free video tutorials and training on how to market and promote your black hair products store online, to explode your sales!

Below is a summary of the 12 benefits you’ll receive when you launch your own “Ebony Curls”, black hair products eCommerce, online store………..

When you team up with Ebony Curls and join this AMAZING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY, you do not have to invest tens of thousands of dollars in stock.  In fact, your online store comes stocked (Out of the box) with OVER TWO THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED PRODUCTS, i.e. hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of wigs, weaves and extensions etc, and you never have to invest a single penny in stock.

We handle all order fulfilment for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  You do not have to worry about packing and shipping any products to your customers.  You just sit back, relax and let Ebony Curls handle all the customer product shipment, delivery and fulfilment for you.

What about customer support (I hear you ask)?  We got you covered.  You concentrate on running your hair salon (Or any other business you may have), and let us handle all your customer support, including things like product information inquiries, tracking order deliveries, complaints, refunds etc.  We do all of this via email, support ticket or phone.  We will forward all customer support issues and inquiries to you as they come in, so you know exactly what is happening in your hair products business.  We handle all customer service issues for your online hair store, so you don’t have to.

Did you know that 80% of nearly ALL black hair products are manufactured in China?  So, as well as US Manufacturers, we also work directly with Chinese Manufacturers, but ONLY those with warehousing here in the USA.  Your store will be stocked with thousands of quality products from quality brands.  This means that your customers can rest assured they will always receive the best and highest quality wigs, weaves or extensions AND with quick shipping times, because we ship all products directly from our USA warehouses to YOUR customers in the USA.

Your store offers a 15 Day money back guarantee as long as the products have not been used and the packaging has not been damaged.  So, if the product does not look like it does in your online store, or is not as described, or the wrong item was shipped, or was damaged in transit etc, then your customers can return the goods within 15 days for a full money back refund.

As an incentive for customers to spend $150.00 or more in your online hair store, we offer them 70% to 80% off “3 Days and 2 Nights” vacations!  As an incentive for your customers to spend $300.00 or more in your online hair store, we will offer them 70% to 80% off “8 Days and 7 Nights” holiday vacations!  Your customers can also receive $500 worth of FREE Restaurant Vouchers AND $500 worth of FREE Grocery Vouchers ($1,000.00 Total Worth of FREE Restaurant and Grocery Coupons) when they spend just $600 or more in your online store!  These are very powerful sales and loyalty incentives, designed to keep your customers buying products in YOUR store each month!  No other black hair product stores online or offline offer customers these types of amazing customer loyalty incentives!

Your store will be branded with your logo and store name to match your salon name or business name.  Your store will be hosted as a sub domain, within our, online digital platform.

Your customers earn 1 “ebony point” for every 1 dollar they spend in your store.  Every 100 points earned will entitle them to $10.00 worth of free gifts from your store or from ANY STORE OF THEIR CHOICE!  They can also redeem their “ebony points” for CASH, paid straight into their PayPal account!

The big mistake most people make when launching any business is their failure to effectively market and promote their new business.  The great news is that the power of the internet means that you now have the ability to cost effectively market your online black hair product store.  Using online marketing strategies, it’s possible to exactly target consumers who are interested in your products.   We teach you (Via online video tutorials) exactly how to market and promote your eCommerce store using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and lots more!  You can even use our training to market and promote your current, local hair salon business.

You’ll get access to different ways of marketing and promoting your Black Hair Products e-commerce store every week for 3 months.  So, for example; one week we will teach you how to market and promote your store on Twitter, the next week we’ll teach you how to market and promote your store on Facebook, the following week we’ll cover marketing and promotion on YouTube etc, etc.  Below are just a few of the video training courses (Worth over $2,000.00) which you will get access to each week as an Ebony Curls store owner and Business Partner.

We’ll even show you how to get $100 worth of FREE Google and Bing Advertising

Did you know that (According to independent 3rd party research) “The average  hair salon makes $19,100 in profit every year. The average salon profit margin is 8.2% which is above the general business average of 7.7% and is improving year on year. Salon profit margin range from 2% to 17% depending on how well the hair salon is managed”.  However; with your own Ebony Curls, online hair products store, you will earn 20% ON ALL MONTHLY SALES!  This is not 20% of monthly profits, this is 20% of actual gross monthly sales

So not only will your online hair products store generate higher profit margins than most offline hair salons, but you can instantly work out how much you earn each month, based on your monthly sales………And remember, we are doing nearly all the work for you!

NOTE – Commissions are paid at the end of every month, for the previous months sales, less deductions for any customer refunds.  We pay all Ebony Curls Partner Commissions via PayPal.

Nearly all Hair Salon Owners WORK IN THEIR BUSINESS.  With an Ebony Curls Black Hair Products Online eCommerce store, you work “ON YOUR BUSINESS” and not “IN YOUR BUSINESS”.  The only thing you have to focus on is marketing your online store.  Furthermore; most of your online marketing can be setup to run on autopilot, if you’re using platforms like Facebook, YouTube or Instagram etc.  You never have to physically be in any one location to run this business.  Your online store 1) NEVER goes on holiday 2) NEVER goes on strike 3) Will NEVER ask you for a pay rise 4) Will NEVER take days off and 5) NEVER goes off sick!  When it comes to monitoring your Ebony Curls online store, you will be able to login to your admin partner panel, from anywhere in the world to check your sales, commissions, website visitors and all your stats, via any PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone with an internet connection.

Every Hair Salon owner is well aware that it cost tens of thousands of dollars to open even a small black hair salon in your local area.  In fact, if you can open a small hair salon anywhere in the USA for less than $20,000.00 then you have done extremely well.  Just read this article right here and another one right here.  As you can clearly see, you would need to take out tens of thousands of dollars in bank loans, or tap into your life savings, or borrow tens of thousands of dollars from a friend or family member, to open any new hair salon.  In fact, this applies if you were to open nearly any offline retail business. 

As we said before (In stark contrast to opening a local hair salon), launching your own Ebony Curls Black Hair Products Online eCommerce store DOES NOT require “tens of thousands of dollars” or even “thousands of dollars”.  FOR JUST TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY SEVEN DOLLARS (ONE-TIME SETUP FEE) + NINETY SEVEN DOLLARS PER MONTH…….YOU’RE IN BUSINESS! 

In fact, we can have your “Ebony Curls” black hair products store, up and running, within 14 days of you placing your order.  Click the “Order Now” button below to order your Ebony Curls, online e-commerce store today!  You’ll pay $297.00 today, followed by $97.00 in 30 days time, and $97.00 every 30 days thereafter.